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My First Time Paragliding in Chamonix

Have you ever dreamed of flying like a bird? I have, and I finally got to experience it when I went paragliding in Chamonix, France. Paragliding is a sport that involves flying in the air with a parachute, using the wind and thermals to control your speed and direction. It is one of the most thrilling and exhilarating activities I have ever done, and I want to share my story with you.

I booked my paragliding flight with Absolute Chamonix Paragliding, a reputable and professional company that offers paragliding and speed riding flights, classes and courses in Chamonix. They have a team of experienced and friendly instructors who are passionate about flying and teaching. I chose the Discovery Flight, which is a 20-minute tandem flight with an instructor, suitable for beginners and anyone who wants to enjoy the scenery and sensations of flying.

I met my instructor, Lionel, at the meeting point in Chamonix town center. He drove me to the cable car station, where we took the lift up to Plan de l’Aiguille, the take-off site at 2,100 meters above sea level. The view from there was breathtaking, with the Mont Blanc massif and the glaciers in front of us, and the valley and the town below us. Lionel explained to me the safety rules and the procedure of the flight, and helped me put on the harness and the helmet. He then attached the parachute to the harness and checked the wind conditions.

When everything was ready, he told me to follow him to the edge of the slope, where we would run and jump into the air. I was nervous and excited at the same time, but I trusted Lionel and his skills. He counted to three, and we started running. I felt the parachute lifting us up, and then we were flying. It was amazing.

The feeling of flying was indescribable. I felt free, light, and happy. I could see the mountains, the forests, the lakes, and the villages from a bird’s eye view. Lionel steered the parachute with the brake lines, and made some turns and spirals to make the flight more fun and dynamic. He also let me take control of the parachute for a while, and taught me how to change the direction and the speed. It was easy and intuitive, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Lionel also pointed out some of the landmarks and attractions of the area, such as the Aiguille du Midi, the Mer de Glace, the Bossons Glacier, and the Brevent. He also told me some stories and facts about the history and culture of Chamonix and the Alps. He was very knowledgeable and friendly, and made the flight more interesting and enjoyable.

After about 20 minutes of flying, we approached the landing site at the Bois du Bouchet, a large grassy field near the town center. Lionel told me to lift my legs and prepare for the landing. He gently touched down on the ground, and we came to a stop. He helped me unhook the harness and the parachute, and congratulated me for the flight. I thanked him for the amazing experience, and gave him a hug.

Sadly, I forgot to hit the start button on the GoPro. That being said, I absolutely couldn't get enough for this experience and have every intention of coming back to learn how to do it by myself. Paragliding in Chamonix was a dream come true, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves nature, adventure, and flying. Afterwards, I walked back to town and just embraced all the beauty of Chamonix.

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